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Welcome To RlVanoria World 8.6

kill Em all

96 kills

tibia auto

31 kills

Guild Name

22 kills

Specnaz Wiadomo

6 kills

0 0 0
Hope to see you all at the launch 14/10/2019 18:00PM!

Rlvanoria New Season With A Great Update.
This is our very last reset of Vanoria, after this launch there will be no more resets or reopenings of the server.
We have decided to launch vanoria 1 last time for our dedicated players who loves the server.
We have taken care of every major bug and fixed every flaw in the game play.
Vanoria launch 2019 will be our cleanest launch so far and hopefully togheter with our community we will be able to break our previous player records.
IP Game : Vinera.Ml
Port : 7171

Free Guild Boots + Guild Weapons + VIP

Added new quests
we've added new features
we've made new update of monsters,quests
we've fixed all bugs
we've added cast system..
we've added war system
you can gain exp from killing people
Cast System
to open cast use /cast on
to close your cast use /cast off

We've Added Autoloot System
AutoLoot System - Commads
/autoloot -- show your loot list
/autoloot add,ITEM NAME -- add item in your loot list
/autoloot add,gold coin
/autoloot remove,ITEM NAME -- remove item from your loot list

Random bosses
Added 4 automatic bosses that spawn anywhere in city, give good experience whenever the boss dies everyone has a chance to get loot because we've made a special loot for everyone, Enjoy.
This is ingame now, and the bosses will spawn a few times at week automatically.

Points system
We promote players who reach a certain achievement with premium points:

Level 200 - 10 Shop Points to your account
Level 250 - 15 Shop Points to your account
Level 300 - 15 Shop Points to your account
Level 350 - 15 Shop Points to your account
Level 400 - 25 Shop Points to your account
Level 500 - 25 Shop Points to your account
Level 600 - 30 Shop Points to your account

Exp Stages
1-40 = 40x›
50-99 = 30x›
100-149 = 25x›
150-199 = 20x›
200-219 = 15x›
220-239 = 14x›
240-249 = 13x›
250-269 = 12x›
270-299 = 12x›
300-349 = 10x›
350-399 = 8x›
400-449 = 6x›
450-499 = 3x›
450-499 = 2x›
450-499 = 1.5x›
501-* = 1x›
After level 600 the exp rate from monsters gets reduced by some different factors but you still gain 1x experience.

Skills: 25x
Magic: 20x
Loot: 5x

Server info:
Client: 8.60
IP: www.Vinera.Ml
Map: Real Map + BIG VIP area + Gengia, Oken, Pyre + few custom cities
Featuring islands Oken, Gengia and Pyre.

Complete 8.60 Real Map
Pretty much every quest! (Including: Inquisition, PoI, Demon Helmet, Annihilator, Yalahari 10th mission, ETC)
Free access to premium areas
Hosted 24/7
Create Your Account Now!.

we hope to identify bugs, and to keep adding interesting systems we still have a few in mind. we hope to advertise the server more to get a bigger player base. We hope that you check it out!

Don't forget to like our facebook page and share our facebook post to recieve Your Points Code.
(Send us a private message with your character name.)


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